The Honda CB400F was the bike that seemed to create a buzz in the motorcycle collector scene due to the classic looks and cool little SOHC four cylinder engine. One of the most difficult parts to obtain for the CB400F is the original four into 1 exhaust system, commanding some astronomical prices from online auctions.

Hondo CB500F for sale
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The Honda CB500 Four is often overlooked and forgotten in light of the popularity of the smaller 400cc brother. The CB500 Four provides all the cool 1970s styling cues with a few extra horse power, and arguably more real world performance on today’s roads.

Honda CB 500 Four
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Honda took the motorcycle scene by storm with its 4 cylinder motorcycle engines which provided reliable and flexible power to motorcyclists, when compared to many motorcycles being provided by European manufacturers. Many motorcycles acknowledge that Honda created the modern superbike for the masses which could rip up the back roads, race and be used for touring.

Awesome Honda CB500 Four
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Buying and restoring a Honda CB500 Four

Like with many things in motorcycling restoration, always buy the best example you can afford if you are not confident or have time to spare on a ground-up restoration. Fortunately for those looking for a more challenging project, buying a basket case or rough example can be progressed quickly with access to fairly plentiful spares within online auctions and classic spares via Honda and specialists parts suppliers.

Honda CB500 Four for sale
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This 1975 example represents a great project for someone who could potentially take on the work to get the bike running or possibly forward to a mechanic to undertake the work. The engine has good compression and likely needs some recommission of the fuel system ie carburettor cleaning and a check over of the bike. This is a fairly common problem for anyone running a vintage motorcycle running carburettors, often dealing with the build-up of sludge in the fuel system due to modern fuels and debris in the fuel tank.

Honda CB500 Four classic motorcycle
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If you need some more information the impact of modern fuels on classic motorcycles you may find this article useful for identifying solutions for running your motorcycle and storage. You may also be thinking about how you’ll undertake the restoration within your own garage or workshop, and possibly need some inspiration for tools and equipment. This workshop article provides some ideas for tools and equipment which could make your restoration go a bit easier.

Honda CB 500 Four F for sale
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If you manage to pickup this article in time before the auction ends, we wish you the best of luck if you are bidding. If you miss out you can always check-out examples for sale below.


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