Te Anau to Milford Sound

After a great evening at the farm, I was up early for a hearty breakfast. The road to Milford Sound from Te Anau can become very busy with tourists, so I decided to leave very early to enjoy the empty roads.

Milford Sound 1

The mist was still rising from the surrounding fields as I left the farm, heading towards Te Anau town centre before turning north on Highway 94. I had been fortunate with the weather, and the sun broke through the further I headed north. 

Highway 94 is an amazing mix of vast open plains between the mountain ranges, which wind through tree lined passes.  My decision to leave early was really paying off as I experienced very little traffic, and could really enjoy the amazing scenery at a steady pace. The Suzuki was also feeling a lot more responsive without the heavy luggage, which I’d left back at the farm.  

One of the well known highlights of the journey to Milford Sound is the Homer Tunnel, which feels more like a decent in to the abyss when you experience sudden drop in altitude and dim lighting.

I reached the Milford Sound Quay late morning, and registered for the early cruises along the fjord. The weather was starting to turn, with patchy rain hanging over the mountains. 

Milford Sound 2

The cruise ship provided snacks and coffee, which was welcome after the standing in the chilly wind whilst we accelerated away from the quayside. We stopped at various points on our way to the mouth of the fjord, where we were treated to amazing waterfalls and seal colonies playing near the rocky outcrops.  

Milford Sound 3

After an amazing time at Milford Sound it was time head back to the farm for dinner. The traffic was starting build, and the rain was now very heavy. 

Smokey and the Bandit

After stopping at few rest areas on the way back on Highway 94 to dry out from the rain, I managed to find a break in the traffic. The long open stretches of road between the mountains provided an opportunity to get ahead of the bad weather. I decided to unleash a few of the Suzuki ponies, feeling fairly confident nobody was around. 

Unfortunately a police car was parked off to the side of road as I reached the tip of a crest in the road, shortly followed by sirens and blue lights. It was a fair cop, and provided my details without any quibbles. I tried to explain my reason for riding quickly, and he explained he was actually waiting for a car which had been reported for dangerous driving. At the very least I’d have an extra story to tell where Alan had been caught for speeding by a Smokey on his Suzuki Bandit!

Feeling slightly tired and wet I arrived back at the farm during the late afternoon. I’d had a great  ride to Milford Sound, an amazing cruise and a brush with the law, what more could you want? Another great dinner provided by most hosts at the farm of course!