Heading south to Vancouver Island

Today was a very early start to catch the ferry, which will take me from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. The ferry terminal was only a short ride from the hotel, and upon arrival it was apparent that a lot of people we intending to travel today. My ferry ticket had been booked in advance due to the limited spaces and ferry crossings during the latter part of the summer.

Prior to boarding I had an opportunity to chat with several other motorcyclists who were also heading to the island, with some heading home and others passing through as travelers like myself. The ferry crossing takes 21 hours, and after boarding there would be plenty of opportunities to admire the amazing coastline and wildlife.

As we reached deeper waters, we were often treated to sightings of humpback whales tail splashing and breaching alongside the ferry. We also had whales following the ferry at several points in the journey, with their blowhole spray rising through the wake created behind the ferry – a truly amazing experience.

The ferry made several stops on route to Port Hardy, and made me realise how many people had decided to make a life for themselves on the various islands. Some of island houses looked amazing, with a view of the ocean that that could feature on may wildlife publications.

Prince Rupert to Port Hardy (Vancouver Island) 1

The sun deck provided an ideal spot to admire the ocean and scenery, and in between trips to the restaurants it provided the ideal platform to watch an amazing sunset. The ferry docked in Port Hardy in the early hours of the following morning, and fortunately the hotel was only a short ride through the darkness. Tomorrow would mark the final leg of road trip, having experienced the amazing views from the ferry journey, I couldn’t wait to hit the road in the morning.

Port Hardy to Campbell River