Rainy road to Twizel

It had rained all night and the first look out of my window confirmed what I’d been hearing all night against my window. The car park was saturated and I could see low rain clouds everywhere.

The hotel had an amazing dining area, so I decided to fill up on a cooked breakfast to keep the cold rain at bay.

The first leg of my journey hugs the coastline on Highway 1 before taking a slight detour via Warrington and Seacliff. The roads were still very wet, but thankfully quiet, allowing me to enjoy the twists and turns.

Heading Northwest on Highway 83 away from Highway 1, I took the opportunity to stop at some of the “Vanished World” areas, which are famous for the fossils and geology.

Pushing on towards Omarama it was strange to think the last time I passed through this area it was mostly covered in snow, which ultimately forced me away from the west coast of the south island.

I had been lucky for most of the journey today, and avoided the worst of the rain clouds, which allowed for some great riding.

Upon reaching Twizel in the early afternoon I had an opportunity to revisit the lovely restaurant I had previously used when I was travelling south. Plenty of time for tea and cake before checking in at my hotel for the evening.

Twizel - Mount Cook 1