A ride out with the Christchurch HOGs to Takaka Hill

There was a chill in the air as I left my hotel in Nelson to meet up with Paul and other members of the Christchurch HOGs for breakfast. We all assembled near a cafe that was open early enough to accommodate the group, lots of coffee and big breakfasts was the order of the day!

I would be the only member of the group not riding a Harley Davidson, so I decided that riding at the back of the group would allow me to get some great video clips of the group as we headed towards Takaka.

I decided to wear my wet weather riding gear as we headed out of Nelson on highway 60. The rain soon started as we headed towards Tasman, with heavy rain clouds as far as the eye could see.  By the time we reached Riwaka the rain was very heavy, and the group pulled over to discuss options for continuing the ride.

Nelson to takaka hill 1

The group decided to avoid Takaka Hill, and headed towards Marahau. This would probably be the only opportunity I’d get to ride the Takaka Hill, and decided to push on through the rain.

The Takaka Hill road is notorious for motorcycle accidents, so I’d need to be watching carefully for the changing road conditions, including dense freezing fog.  I had previously experienced similar conditions riding in Canada, and felt comfortable as I maintained a steady pace.

I pleasantly surprised to meet up with a member of the riding group at Takaka Hill, who decided to also push on through the rain. They must have caught up when I stopped for some coffee and rest before reaching the summit.

I was good experience to be riding with someone again, especially considering the conditions for the final stop at Takaka, and the return loop to Nelson. Today was another example of a great ride out, and the weather couldn’t dampen my spirits when riding through amazing New Zealand.