Amazing holiday and workshop videos

Below you will find a collection of videos from my motorcycle holidays and some useful tips for motorcycle restoration and maintenance. Most of the videos we post are very much created when we’re in the garage and find something interesting to talk about. We don’t spend to much time editing my videos and prefer to keep the homemade look.

Like most people we have day jobs and don’t have much time for video editing! If you like the videos please also subscribe to the YouTube channel and share with your friends!

There is always something to do on the bikes and ideally we like to keep the maintenance and restoration in house, but we sometimes it just makes more sense to get some help on restoring some of the parts. This could be down to time, cost or just some specialist equipment we don’t have available. I you currently have a restoration project underway please let us know in the comments or consider signing up to our Facebook page. You may also want to check out our useful workshop tools article.

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