Heading to Banff on the amazing route 1

I’d heard Banff mentioned many times over the years, primarily associated with winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, nestled within an amazing mountain landscape. I set off early in the morning to make the most of the sunrise and crisp air as I picked up the route to Banff via route 1. I planned to stop at various points along the journey to soak up the amazing scenery, including the areas surrounding Lake Louise and Johnston Canyon Falls.
Golden to Banff 3

Traveling on route 1 to Banff is starting to feel like a must-do for any motorcyclist who enjoys wonderful roads and amazing views.

Johnston Canyon Falls was very busy with tourists, and the path to the falls was crowed, but it was well worth the walk. There is something magical about the mist coming from the falls, and the surround forest area.

Upon reaching Banff I checked in to a fantastic hotel, and unpacked for the two day stay. The hotel had a wonderful restaurant and bar, so I decided to enjoy a nice relaxed evening at hotel, and explore Banff the following day.

After breakfast I decided to take a short ride to the foot of Sulphur Mountain to catch the Banff  Gondola.  It was raining lightly but the views were still amazing, and the summit views over Banff and the surrounding area was amazing.

Golden to Banff 4

After spending a few hours viewing the amazing mountains, it was time to head back to Banff for some lunch, and to explore the local shops.

Banff to Jasper

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