Heading to Victoria

Today would see me heading back over the mountain on highway 4 to travel south to Victoria, and my final destination on Vancouver Island. Whilst the weather was still cool along the coast line, the rain had moved away during the night and the sky has started to brighten.

I would be spending a long time on the bike today, so after a hearty breakfast I hit the road early to enjoy the mountain road with the minimum of traffic.

The weather was kind to me and I managed to experience a lot of the amazing scenery on highway 4 before turning south on highway 1 towards Victoria.

The traffic started to become heavier as I reached the outskirts of Victoria, and would have to rely on my satnav to find my hotel for the evening. The hotel fortunately provided off street parking close by, so with my luggage unpacked in to my room I was ready to enjoy a few beers in downtown Victoria.

I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in Victoria, and whilst I’m not a huge fan of big cities, Victoria and Vancouver appeal to me more than London.

Suitably refreshed by the local draft beers I would sleep well to rise early to catch the ferry back to the mainland tomorrow.

Victoria to Vancouver

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