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More work on the GSXR1100 clutch

With the weather finally becoming a bit warmer it was time to get stuck-in to some more jobs in the garage. I ordered a replacement clutch hub for my GSXR1100 before Christmas, and with bike on the lift I can get started.

I had previously replaced the steel plates, which looked very warn, and possibly part of my clutch issues where the plates were sticking. I’d also previously tried to dress the wear damaged on the clutch hub splines, but having ridden the bike again it was clear I needed a new hub.

Suzuki gsxr 1100

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The process takes roughly 90 minutes to complete, plus a bit more time if you also need to remove the bottom fairing. I prefer to remove all the clutch plates before removing the hub, so you’ll need a magnet to make your life easier. The clutch hub minus the plates is also easier to handle, and you are less likely to dislodge the clutch basket when removing the hub.

You’ll also need to replace the crush spacer and washer when refitting the hub. The 50 to 70 NM required torque for the hub spacer nut is fairly low when compared to later models, some make double sure washer is folded around the nut to prevent any movement.

I’ve not had a chance to ride since reassembly, maybe I’ll have time for a quick spin before I start on the suspension linkage.

Ride safe,


Two stroke barn finds for future generations

Like most people who follow the motorcycle scene, it now appears that the price of classic 80s two stroke motorcycles has climbed to the point where most barn finds and basket cases are now becoming too expensive to consider as a sensible restoration project. The big motorcycle manufacturers appear to be recognising the recent boom in classic bike ownership by retooling and supplying previously discontinued parts for classic bikes, which may drive up demand and prices again.

Looking ahead to the next ten years, what should the next generation of restorers be looking out for in the two stroke range? When I was growing up I remembered seeing the Aprilia RS250, Kawasaki KR1S 250 and the Suzuki RG 250 as the last throw of the dice in the two stroke race replica scene, and the ill fated Bimiota V-due 500 as the weekend toy of the red braced city stock broker. We also saw some interesting grey imports, such as the Honda NSR 250 and the screaming 4 stroke brothers the CBR 250, CBR 400 and VFR 400. Should the next generation of restorers being looking for the last of the big factory two strokes race replicas or some of the understated workhorses for two stroke kicks, such as the Honda NSR 125, Kawasaki KH100 and MZ ETZ?

Al (

Honda Motocompo

The Honda Motocompo! funky, mad or both? I was surfing the web this afternoon and found a picture of the Honda Motocompo. Have you ridden one, and could it be classed as a cool barn find motorcycle? I personally love the 80’s madness of the design, it reminds me of the transport gadgets you would have seen in 70’s and 80’s sci-fi shows like Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica.

Replacing fuel hose on the Aprilia RST Futura

After recently noticing that the fuel hose was perished on my Aprilia Futura, I replaced it and also replaced the o-ring on the quick disconnect, which fell apart when removed. Unfortunately one of the coils is still triggering a fault code in the ECU, after thinking that the problem was now resolved with new plugs and a coil. Hopefully the coil issue will be the last problem to solve before she is ready for action again in the spring. Hopefully I’ll be back out in the garage tomorrow with the TuneECU software and test equipment.

Ride safe,

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GSXR1100 rebuild nearing completion


Today I visited a local friend Simon to see how his GSXR1100 project is coming along, and was amazed at the transformation from the rough around the edges stock bike I sold him over seven years ago. Simon decided to go for the same paint scheme I used on my GSXR750 project, with additional gold painted wheels which follows the original Suzuki paint scheme. There are a few minor things to change, such as the blue edge trim, but hope you agree with me that it is starting to look awesome.