I had a great time at the Copdock motorcycle show in Ipswich on October 6th. The weather was very bad and decided to travel up from Southend in friends car, a very good call given the amount of water on the motorway during the outward journey.

It was my first time at the Copdock show, and although rain kept some of the crowds away the exhibits didn’t disappoint. Allen Millyard had some of his awesome custom bikes on display, including the “Flying Millyard” and the Honda GP RC166 replica raced by Mike Hailwood.

The Honda replica was very loud when Allen decided to start the bike for a few moments, you can really appreciate what these bikes must have sounded like when being raced around the Isle of Man and GP circuits.

The event reminded me of some of the bikes I viewed whilst visiting a motorcycle museum in New Zealand in 2018, with the exception of the heavy rain.

I’m looking forward to the Copdock show next year, hopefully the weather will be a bit better for the next visit. The Brightona bike event is happening this weekend and will possibly have a ride down if the weather looks passable.


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