Servicing Aprilia RSVR rear suspension

I’d been putting off this job for a while, and finally managed to make a start on servicing the rear suspension last month. I purchased a complete linkage servicing kit from Aprilia Performance, which includes replacement bearings, linkage pins and dust seals for the “dog bone” linkage and centre link on the swingarm.

Whilst the rear linkage was removed I also removed the rear shock absorber, which I sent to MCT Suspension to be serviced and rebuilt. The rear shock has now been returned and ready for installation.

I’ve taken my time to ensure the linkage bearings have been correctly installed within the “dog bone” and centre link on the swingarm.

The “dog bone” bearings were fairly easy to install but the swingarm centre link bearings were more challenging. I made several attempts to install the centre link bearings, but each time I tried one or both of the bearings wouldn’t line-up correctly and the linkage pin would install correctly.

I eventually had to give the bearing recess a good clean with a polishing mop attached to my Dremel flexible drive. After giving bearing recess a thorough clean with the polishing mop the new bearings were a lot easier to seat correctly, and linkage pin moved freely when pushed through the new bearings. If you don’t have a Dremel in the garage, I’d suggest getting one with the flexible drive attachment which makes the fiddly jobs a lot easier.

Hopefully I’ll get around to finishing the RSV rear suspension rebuild over the next few weeks, then I’ll need to look at the rear wheel bearings and sprocket carrier bearing. A never ending list of jobs!

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