I recently noticed that from front forks on the Aprilia RSV had started leaking, and whilst the leak wasn’t too bad I wanted to get them rebuilt whilst I didn’t have other servicing items on the to do list.

I initially thought about rebuilding the forks myself, and purchase the replacement seals and the specialist pin socket to remove the top caps. However with my work being so busy at the moment and limited space in the garage to lay everything out I decided to pass over to my mate Rob at Mistral Performance to do the work.

Aprilia Front Forks

Having picked up the forks yesterday Rob explained that the Ohlins Aprilia RSV forks were more complex than the usual USD forks due to the omission of a notch on the plunger stem, which makes compressing the sprint difficult. It ended up being a two man job to get the job done, thankfully Rob had someone else in the workshop helping out.

If I had attempted the job in my garage I’d probably take all day to get them apart! £90 well spent I think! Cheers Rob, hopefully they’ll be good for another 20 years.

Refitting the Aprilia RSV forks and brakes

My main job in the garage this weekend will be refitting the front forks and cleaning up the front brakes. The front pads are still serviceable but reaching the wear limit, so after cleaning the brake calipers I’ll fit a new set. One of the biggest complaints I have about the RSV calipers is they seem really difficult to clean, the brake dust seems to impregnate the coating and requires more than average elbow grease to remove. The fork lowers cleaned up nice with just some washing up liquid and elbow grease, no doubt they’ll get greasy again when I attempt to refit!!

I also need to look the overall setup of the suspension because whilst it is setup to turn very quickly I find it very harsh on less than perfect roads. I probably wouldn’t have complained 18 years ago when I bought the bike, however my back and joints are telling me otherwise.

Trying to find a good balance is always tricky on a sports bike, so perhaps a slightly less front end focus setup with the addition of some rear set controls may help.

Aprilia RSV Front Forks

If you are also experiencing leaking forks you find plenty of spares on ebay, in addition to the correct tools to remove the top cap without damaging it – a worthwhile investment when you consider the cost of Ohlins suspension components! Also remember to check out our recent article regarding workshop tools which help you with some other jobs on the servicing list.

Fork Socket Ohlins

Stay tuned for more videos from the garage and rides out over the coming months! Ride safe everyone and remember to keep your distance.


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