A lovely little Suzuki AC50! Over the past 10 year the price of classic two stroke motorcycles has been rising, and many previous two stroke owners like me wished I’d held on to a few mine.

The main interests within the collectors market has been the Yamaha RD range from the early air cooled bikes through to the water cooled RDs and YPVS range. Suzuki have also proved popular with the water cooled RG and GT range but slightly less so with the air cooled bikes.

Suzuki AC50 Barn Find
Suzuki AC50

Whilst the Yamaha FS1E has seen a crazy price rise the forgotten bikes like the Suzuki AC50 have flown under the radar for most collectors. This 1968 AC50 is an unregistered import from the USA and looks to be in original condition. however missing some parts and requiring restoration.

Suzuki AC50
Suzuki AC50

Suzuki AC50 owners clubs and help

The Suzuki owners clubs and classic Suzuki parts suppliers will help you with your restoration and you could have something to bring back the small two stroke memories as a teenager. Click here for ebay listing of this nice little AC50 . Although not a two stroke restoration you may also be interested in the Suzuki GSXR750 restoration we completed a few years ago.

Suzuki Owners Club

Classic Suzuki Parts


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