Like most people who follow the motorcycle scene, it now appears that the price of classic 80s two stroke motorcycles has climbed to the point where most barn finds and basket cases are now becoming too expensive to consider as a sensible restoration project. The big motorcycle manufacturers appear to be recognising the recent boom in classic bike ownership by retooling and supplying previously discontinued parts for classic bikes, which may drive up demand and prices again.

Looking ahead to the next ten years, what should the next generation of restorers be looking out for in the two stroke range? When I was growing up I remembered seeing the Aprilia RS250, Kawasaki KR1S 250 and the Suzuki RG 250 as the last throw of the dice in the two stroke race replica scene, and the ill fated Bimiota V-due 500 as the weekend toy of the red braced city stock broker. We also saw some interesting grey imports, such as the Honda NSR 250 and the screaming 4 stroke brothers the CBR 250, CBR 400 and VFR 400. Should the next generation of restorers being looking for the last of the big factory two strokes race replicas or some of the understated workhorses for two stroke kicks, such as the Honda NSR 125, Kawasaki KH100 and MZ ETZ?

Al (Barnfindmotorcycle.com)

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