With the warmer weather on the way, I’m starting to build up the tools required to service and test the fuel system on my Aprilia Futura and RSV, which both share the same engine and similar fuel systems.

Whilst synchronisation is important for smooth running of the Aprilia v-twin, checking the carbon dioxide emissions is also important to see if your synchronisation has impacted the fuelling, and also check for other issues related, such as leaking vacuum pipes.

The Futura and RSV both have exhaust testing ports welded in the header, which allows you to measure each cylinder, rather than a general reading at the exhaust outlet. If you haven’t removed these before they will probably hard to get out, so I will probably be in for some sweating and cursing when I try to wrestle mine free.

20160202_192725I purchased two pieces of equipment for the job, a set of connectors to the exhaust headers and a Gunson Gastester. I’m really happy with the quality of the connectors, and the functionality of the shut-off valve to control input to the emission tester. The Gunson Gastester seems to be very popular online, with mainly positive reviews from people who have purchased and used them.

As with most things in life, the preparation and configuration G4125appears to be the key to getting an accurate reading from the tester. Hopefully the warm weather will come early so I can start the bikes in the garage and start annoying my neighbours (just kidding!). If you have any hints and tips for getting the best out of the equipment, and setup with the Aprilia v-twin motor, please feel free to add below in the article feedback.

Aprilia exhaust header connectors available here
Gunson gas tester available here

Also check out Amazon for good deals on testers

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