Following on from the previous article which highlighted the Futura’s electrical failure on my way to Scotland, I’ve been busy in the garage trying to test and resolve all the charging and electrical problems.

Replacement rectifier

Instead of using another aftermarket replacement rectifier I decided to implement the much discussed MOSFET upgrade using a FH012AA unit (beware of cheap fakes) from a 2007 Yamaha R1. The MOSFET rectifier/regulator runs much cooler than the Aprilia OEM and replacements, however it does require some wiring modifications to connect to the loom.

Aprilia RST 1000 Futura Rectifier and Stator 1

The FH012AA uses inbuilt connectors on the unit, whereas the Aprilia rectifier provides wires to an external connector block. I managed to source the correct connectors for the FH012AA unit on ebay and installed without too much trouble.

Replacement stator/alternator

Whilst the initial electrical fault was identified as the rectifier I wanted to take the opportunity to completely overhaul the charging system. A replacement stator and gasket was approximately £100, which made good sense to replace given the age and well known stator failures within the Aprilia range.

Aprilia RST 1000 Futura Rectifier and Stator 2

Removing the stator requires removal of an engine case and surrounding components. This job can be undertaken by a competent home mechanic with the correct tools and sundries.


After completing the rectifier and stator replacement I also reviewed the various connectors and replaced crimped connections with soldered joints where possible. The addition of a voltage gauge on the dashboard also allows me to check on the voltage to ensure everything is working correctly.

Aprilia RST 1000 Futura Rectifier and Stator 3

The bike has now been on a few test runs with no further issues to report. The satnav charger appears to be the only electrical component which has failed due to overcharging, which I replaced with a modified for Garmin unit.

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