I have been experiencing intermittent problems with the ignition coils on my Aprilia Futura over the past few months, and finally managed to dedicate some time to looking in to the problem.  After clearing down the error codes using the Tune ECU software, changing the sparks plugs, and cleaning up the wiring the connectors the ignition problem appears to have been fixed (touch wood!). I ran a few test starts to check the ignition output using the Tune ECU coil output figures, and also ensure no error codes were being logged during each starting cycle.

More work to do on the Aprilia Futura 2

Whilst the petrol tank was raised I also decided to check the general condition of the pipes and fuel lines. A couple of years ago I fitted an upgraded stainless steel quick disconnect fuel line adapter, which allows you to disconnect one of the fuel lines between the fuel pump and throttle body without the hassle of undoing the various hose clamps etc. The original Aprilia connectors are made from plastic which becomes brittle over time, and the stainless steel alternative is a sensible upgrade. Whilst disconnecting the pipes I noticed that the sealing o-ring had perished and disintegrated completely on further inspection. It wasn’t part of my standard maintenance schedule, but I recommend that anyone who has these quick disconnect adapters fitted should check them frequently as part of servicing to prevent failure.  The consequence of a failure is a possible fire, so make sure you add it to your check list!

Ride safe,

Al (Barnfindmotorcycle.com)


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