The COVID19 lock down has created some interesting new behaviours that have impacted the way we decided to travel and commute to work. In the the UK the government advised against the use of public transport, and whilst the restrictions have started to be relaxed, many people people are still hesitant about using public transport.

The natural reaction would be increased use in traditional personal travel, such as car and motorcycles. However with the current uncertainty in the economic climate many have taken up the option to use electric scooters for short journeys.

electric scooter
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Are electric scooters legal?

The other interesting aspect of electric scooters is they are not legal to use on UK roads, cycle lanes and footpaths. If you are caught riding an electric scooter on a public road you could be prosecuted and fined. Electric scooters currently fall within the Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEV) and subject to the same laws as a motorcycle (lights, number plates etc)

The UK are considering following other European countries by relaxing the laws governing the use of electric scooters, in addition to starting trials for electric scooter rentals. What are your thoughts?

Is the end for the small capacity motorcycles and mopeds primarily used for short journeys and city transport? How will this impart the motorcycle industry if electric scooters take hold? If you prefer to keep riding the traditional motorcycles always remember to check out the cool barn finds on the homepage.


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