This is lovely little barn find Yamaha Serow XT225 which has spent some time as commuter bike before being retired. Why is called a Serow? A Serow is a dexterous goat sized mammal found in Japan. Now you’ll have some pub trivia knowledge when you go for a ride on your Serow!


The strange accolade for the Yamaha Serow is the popularity amongst adventure riders, rather than just being seen as motocross and trials bike. A good example is Lois Pryce who is well known in the adventure biking scene and written several books on here adventures.

The Serow was introduced in 1986 with a production run through to 2007, which is and long time when compared to most motorcycle models.

Yamaha Serow Barn Find
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This 1990 barn find example needs to work to make presentable again, however the supertrapp exhaust is a nice addition which should provide a nice exhaust note. The bike also runs and rides which is always a bonus when you are considering as a full restoration project or resto-ride.

Yamaha Serow barn find
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Restoring your barn find Yamaha Serow

Thankfully the Yamaha Serow is a very simple bike and should make an ideal first restoration for a novice mechanic. The single cylinder air cooled engine is simplicity itself, so if you’ve rebuilt a small four stroke engine before you won’t be daunted by the Serow.

Suzuki also provide a range of parts for classic motorcycles and you’ll still find plenty of good quality spares on ebay and other auction sites.

Yamaha Serow Barn Find
Link to auction

If this is your first barn find restoration you may want to consider stocking up on relevant tools and supplies to undertake the restoration. A bike that is 30 years old will likely have rusty bolts and linkages which may require some more specialised tools.

We recently produced a workshop tools article which may provide some inspiration for your future project and help you get organised. If you looking to bid on the Yamaha Serow we wish you the best of luck and let us know you plans for the bike in the comments.


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