As anyone who follows my channel knows, I’m a big fan of the little Yamaha RD125 DX model from the late 1970s. The air cooled twin two stroke shared many of the same parts with its slightly larger RD200 brother.

One of my friends from my early days of motorcycling owned a RD125 DX and it was way cooler and quicker than my Honda CB125T. This example appears to be a real barn find requiring restoration to put back on the road.

Yamaha RD125 barn find RD 125
Yamaha RD 125 DX

Buying and working your barn find Yamaha RD125

These little Yamahas are so easy to work on and you have access to plenty of owners groups and classic parts suppliers to get you back on the road. As with all barn find Yamaha RDs, the prices are always rising and who knows how long we’ll be able to ride these classics on the road before the emissions laws finally turn them into museum exhibits.

If you haven’t tackled a restoration and wan’t a fairly easy bike to work on you can’t get much better than the little Yamaha RD air cooled twins. For more information about the above bike for sale please click the picture or the following link. You may also want to check out our recent article for workshop tools.


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