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Price: 2,500.00 GBP

1971 Yamaha XS1 650 ProjecteBay
PLEASE NOTE. The first picture shows the bike as it was delivered to me in November 2020. It was an American import, but I correctly registered it with the DVLA.  It is registered in my name as an Historic vehicle and has an age related registration (J reg) Intending to restore the bike, I stripped it down and started work, the forks were sent away for re-chroming, some items, like the hubs, were cleaned up and polished.  The frame and most of the cycle parts were cleaned up and sprayed. The tank is in good condition, and has been tested for leaks, there were none. The rims are the original Japanese, and have also been sprayed.  Many new parts were purchased, including all control cables, throttle cable, wheel and steering head bearings, seat cover, side panel flashes and name plates (very expensive).  The carbs were overhauled and Ultrasonically cleaned.  There is a complete set of stainless spokes, and even a brand new wheel building/trueing stand and spoke spanner to enable the purchaser to rebuild the wheels. There is a Haynes and a factory workshop manual. I have got no further with the rebuild, and really cannot see it progessing much in the future. A classic car takes up most of my energies nowadays, plus I’m getting a lot of pressure from my dear wife and daughter not to ride a bike again, at 74, they’re probably right!  I took many pictures prior to stripping the bike, and these will be printed off and passed on the the successful bidder.  There are several active Internet and Facebook sites dedicated to the XS650 ans XS1, so there’s plenty of info out there.