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Price: 3,199.00 GBP

1964 Ducati 250 Deluxe, Ready to ride and unrestored.eBay


For sale is my 1964 Ducati 250 Deluxe.

I bought it two years ago fresh after being imported from Spain where it sat for a number of decades. The bike is completely original and still has all of its side panels and toolbox. Some modern parts have been fitted, mainly in the electrical system but this can easily be reversed and i have all the original parts.

My plan was never to restore it cosmetically but ensure the mechanicals were good so that it could be ridden, hopefully the new owner shares my enthusiasm for the great look the bike has gained over the years.

I bought it as a ‘runner’ albeit very poorly, and in my ownership I have done the following to get it to a running and useable state:

Mild top end rebuild;
– Wossner piston
– New cast iron liner
– reground rockers (adjustable)
– new camshaft
– lapped in valves
– new valve stem oil seals
– all new gaskets
– used exhaust down pipe (I have the original)
The above work was carried out without vapour blasting any external engine parts to keep the engine looking original and fitting with the rest of the bike.

– fork rebuild with new oil and seals (and a good clean out!)
– one shock has been rebuild with a modern shock seal installed, i have another seal to do the other side but it doesnt leak so it hasnt been changed.

– Electrex world 12v CDI ignition, electronic points and 12V charging system (unbelievable spark)
– New harness 
– I have wired a relay to the ignition switch to the CDI system for a bit of security (stops anyone from starting the bike)
– new ignition switch with two keys

– Dunlop K82 tyres (old tread pattern with modern compund, brand new)
– Fuel tank has no rust and two brand new petcocks
– Amal concentric carb and brand new airbox rubber hose
The bike is ready to ride.

Any questions feel free to ask.