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Price: 1,900.00 GBP

pre 65 trials bsa bantameBay
This has a BSA D7 (1965?) mated to a James Captain frame (1959) we believe.

Had loads spent on it i.e. New Electrex world ignition (self generating spark) no battery required. New petrol tank, new seat, new fork seals and gaiters, new mudguards, New Rex Caunt Mikuni VM22 Carburettor.

Also had full powder coat paint work. Starts and runs well. I don’t have anywhere local to put it through it’s paces. Also I have too many bikes and this one had the short straw picked.

It jumps out of 3rd gear which I’m told is usually a spring needing replacing. I’m not sure if it has had the gears moved around to make it trials spec, the guy I bought it from didn’t know.

I could deliver local say 30 miles at £1 mile each way.

Can be seen and heard here  https://www.youtube.com/shorts/p_w9ny-rzBM

Cash on delivery or collection only please.