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Price: 1,499.00 GBP

BSA C15 250cc Motorcycle 1961eBay
The bike has been registered in the UK as RVS 159 but there are no documents with it; the previous owner lost them and I am working with the DVLA to obtain a replacement set.  VIN/frame number is C15 27363.  Engine number is C15 29261
I bought this bike in 2008 and always intended to do any necessary renovation myself.  I have come to accept that I don’t have the time and it’s time to release it to someone who may renovate it and enjoy it.  It is now 61 years old and has no speedometer fitted so there is no record of what mileage it has done. It does not appear to have been damaged and there are no obvious dents or dings in the bodywork.  I will provide a chrome trials headlamp with a C15 speedometer fitted to it.  The chrome is in fair condition but I can’t check whether the speedometer works.  I have provided a photo of them.
I have not started the bike, but all major items appear to be in place, though the fitted headlamp nacelle is not original and there is no silencer fitted.  It has not been started for some time, though I have regularly put oil down the spark plug holes to lubricate the bores.  
Frame and forks – all solid, minor rust marks on the mudguards.
Engine – the engine turns over on the kick start.  There is good compression, there is one small fin broken but it is almost not noticeable.  An Amal 376 carburettor is fitted.  The aluminium parts are in vgc and should polish up well.  The is an exhaust fitted but no silencer – I will provide a silencer to go with the bike.   There is no oil in the tank but I assume that it has fallen down into the sump.
Gearbox – all the 4 gears seem to select with no problems – the gear lever is on the right  side.  
Brakes – the brakes both work and seem to be in good condition but they have not been used on the road for some years. 
Wheels – the front rim is reasonable and has been repainted; the back on has rust but is useable.  The tyres both look good but are very old.  
Electrics – I have not checked over any of the electrics other than by superficial inspection.    The wiring appears to have been replaced in the main but will need to be checked over.  Some wiring will have to be renewed, particularly in the battery area.  I don’t have a key for the bike but will provide a replacement lock and key.
The bike has been registered in the UK as RVS 159 and I am obtaining a replacement set of documents from the DVLA.

Good points:  This is a solidly constructed bike that is in good condition, it has nothing missing of note and does not need much work to get it roadworthy.

Broadly what needs doing:  Repaint, finish any wiring and check the ignition systems, fit speedometer, fit silencer, fit tank and seat, check the lighting system, check the oiling system, check the carburettor/connect the fuel leads, check/fit suspension rubbers, check timing, check all nuts and bolts, MOT.

Photos:   What You See is What You Get.  I have attached a number of recent photos of the bike.  Please look at them carefully because that is what is for sale.  If you can’t see it in the photos, it is not included in the sale. 

Guarantee: Bear in mind, this is a 61 year old bike that has been covered and dry stored for some 28 years.  I’ve never ridden it nor fired it up, but my description above is intended to be honest, plain, clear and accurate.  If you buy the bike and subsequently are unsatisfied with it because you believe that it does not meet the description and photos above, return it to me in the same condition at your expense within one month of the sale date and I’ll repay you the bike price less eBay fees.

Collection only near Stansted Airport, I can deliver by prior arrangement, contact me for rates etc

Please ask questions before you bid