If you have every tried to clean up rusted and seized parts, you know how long items take to clean using a wire brushes and workshop20141009_205218 cleaning products, such as WD40 and penetrating oil. Over the past couple of years I’ve used my ultrasonic cleaner so many times that I’ve lost count, purely because it manages to get right in to areas of the components by immersing them within the  cleaning vat. It’s well known amongst most classic motorcycle fans that modern fuels and carburettors become enemies if the fuel is left in the float bowls for extended periods. Float valves get stuck and jets become gummed up with detergents left behind when the fuel evaporates. If you are planning a winter rebuild, I recommend adding an ultrasonic cleaner to your Christmas list. You can also use it to clean other items such as jewellery, which will please the girlfriend or wife.

Ride safe,

Al (Barnfindmotorcycle.com)


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