There are changes within the January 2002 UK Highway Code which impact all road users. The most significant change for motorcyclists relates to the hierarchy of road users and positioning of vehicles in various situations and environments.

For a summary of the changes please visit https://www.gov.uk/government/news/the-highway-code-8-changes-you-need-to-know-from-29-january-2022. Promoting safer use of the roads is a positive step for everyone in society and the summary changes published on the gov.uk is very easy to read and understand.

I think there is still some interpretation of the new code which needs to be understood by all road users, in particular in cases of an accident whereby there are always multiple factors to consider. For example it isn’t always evident when a pedestrian wants to cross a road if they are choosing not to use a pedestrian crossing. There are also considerations for how the changes to the code could impact insurance premiums based on perceived additional responsibilities and liabilities.

The original Highway Code was published in 1931, so nearly 100 years on were now living in a completely different world to the original authors of the code. I can’t image they ever thought we’d have such a sophisticated road system and verity of vehicles to consider.

From a motorcyclist’s perspective, roadcraft is also an important tool for safer riding and getting more pleasure out of riding motorbike. Whilst the current test process is far more comprehensive for practical and theory, it still only provides the foundational level skills which need to be developed over time.

twist of the wrist

One of my favourite collection of books is written by Keith Code titled Twist of Wrist 1 & 2, which provides an excellent understanding of how a bike behaves and how you should position yourself on the bike and the road. The skills can be applied for road riding and racing, and Keith’s processes have been used to tutor road riders and racers, such as MotoGP world champion Casey Stoner. Also check out some other interesting books here

What are our thoughts on January 2022 Highway Code?

There are has been a lot of chatter in the news and social media about the changes the potential impact, what are your thoughts? Please post your thoughts in the comments below and check in on our social media channels.

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