Check out this cool 1973 Yamaha TX750 barn find project for sale, recently imported from the USA to the UK. The TX750 only had a short production life between 1972 and 1975, and also not being a huge sales success for Yamaha makes them a rare bike.

It is also very rare to find an example fully intact, with the only apparent after market modifications being the twin exhausts. Also originating from the USA helps when it comes to general condition and rust. The majority of UK bikes would have been complete rusted out by now, usually beyond repair.

This example is currently up for sale on ebay with a low starting price, and would be a great restoration project for someone looking for something a bit different from the usual popular bikes from the 1970s, such the Yamaha RD, Kawasaki KH, and Suzuki GT range. Full restoration or keep the original wear? A full restoration generally attracts more buyers if you wanted to sell on, however originality is the key.

Setting up your workshop

If this is your first attempt at a restoration you may want to plan ahead for getting your garage or workshop ready to undertake the task. A well organised area with the right tools will save a huge amount of time when disassembling and reassembling parts, especially when you’ve got several decades of muck and corrosion to deal with. Check out our workshop tools article to provide some inspiration and ideas for getting setup.

Happy bidding on the Yamaha TX750

If you are looking to make a bid on the Yamaha TX750, we wish you all the very best of luck. Remember to keep us posted on your progress if you win the bid and what you plan to do with the bike. You keep up to date via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Happy riding and restoration!


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