Honda’s VF1000 was often overlooked due to the disaster of the VF750, which suffered from camshaft lubrication issues resulting in early top end failure. The VF1000 also received a race version in the form of the VF1000R, which featured quick release endurance suspension and revision bodywork.

The VF1000 was never a big seller for Honda and good condition UK examples are getting harder to find due to corrosion creeping in on the frame and engine, in addition to complex servicing of the V-four engine. As an appreciating classic you’ll also start to see more imports to the UK from dry USA states and Japan home market examples. These represent very good value for money if in original condition, trying to avoid anything that has been significantly modified from standard.

Buying a used Honda VF1000

Condition is everything for the VF1000, a bike that has been sat for a long could be hiding a long list of problems. A running biking is obviously going to provide more confidence, also ensuring the gearbox is working correctly. The VF1000 is also a big heavy big, and likely to have been dropped by an inexperience rider. Repainted engine cases and touched-up paintwork could be hiding some more serious crash damage, so have a very careful look at the forks, engine cases and the frame.

The Honda comstar wheels have also known to cause problems in the Honda range. Check for any excessive movement at the rivet points on each wheel. Excessive movement or corrosion could lead to wheel failure, so give these a thorough check. Rear suspension is likely to be worn out by now, therefor a good aftermarket unit is a good investment if the original unit can’t be rebuilt. The front forks are a simple telescopic setup, and whilst can be easily serviced and rebuilt, replacing the internals with progressive springs and modern internals will transform the handling.

Honda VF1000 for sale on ebay

This original unmolested example has been stored for a while and would benefit from a thorough service and tidy-up. Corrosion has set in on the engine cases and frame in some areas, however a very straight forward to rectify. The carburettors will also need cleaning out due to stale fuel, however the engine turns over and runs smoothly. It is also good to find original exhausts on a bike with no signs of scuffs and damage, another good indicator the bike hasn’t been crashed.

If you are planning to purchase this bike please let us know your plans for putting back on the road. Are you planning a complete restoration or just purchasing for an occasional classic ride for the weekends. The various owners clubs can provide a wealth of knowledge and should be able to get spares with out too much trouble.

If this will be your first restoration project you may also want to plan ahead to organise your garage and start buying a good selection of tools. You may find our recent workshop tools article helpful to get you started, building a good selection of tools is also great for continued servicing work, and becoming part of a wider motorcycle community to share hints and tips as you learn more about the bike.

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Ride safe,

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