Over the past couple of weeks I have been experiencing a few 20141019_124519problems with my Suzuki GSXR750 transmission. It all started when I had some issues with sticking clutch plates, which cause a very noticeable ‘clonk’ when selecting first gear. The problem only surfaced when the bike had been left standing, which possible forced out the oil between the plates causing them to stick together.

20141019_124539The last time this happened it caused a tight spot in the chain, but more noticeably a knocking noise when the bike was ridden. I initially thought it was the tight links causing the noise but closer inspection this afternoon highlighted an issue with the sprocket carrier bearing. Hopefully a new bearing and chain will solve the knocking noise, before I get stuck in to looking at the clutch! We are real bikers and enthusiasts, with greasy hands!

Ride safe,

Al (Barnfindmotorcycle.com)


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