This 1978 Yamaha RD 250 has been partially restored and now ready for a new owner to complete and enjoy. The two stroke Yamaha RD range have a cult following amongst motorcyclists due to the wild antics of the 1970s and 1980s, which often involve tuning and wheelies.

Ready for renovation and new owner

Most of the Yamaha RD 250 auction listing you see online are either complete basket cases or already restored examples which fetch high prices. This example provides a great base for restoration with much of the chassis work completed and the next major step being the engine and carburettors.

If you are not a competent motorcycle engineer there are plenty of specialists who’ll be able to restore and service the engine for you. The Yamaha two stroke engine is very simple, however many have suffered at the hands of amateur tuners which resulted bodged repairs. If you have the capacity to fully rebuild the engine this is highly recommended before reinstalling within the frame.

Yamaha RD 250

Suitable workshop and tools

If you are new to motorcycle restoration you want to consider organising your garage or workshop to make your restoration more organised and easier by using the correct tools. We’ve recently published an article which highlights some useful workshop tools which we’ve accumulated over the years.


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