This little 1957 Francis Barnett Plover is a true barn find survivor bike that still able to be ridden today. This example runs the 147cc two stroke Villiers engine with a three speed gearbox.

If you are looking to start a collection of classic British motorcycles and also looking to learn more about motorcycle mechanics this little Francis Barnett barn find could be ideal. Two stroke engines are very simple to service and rebuild, in addition to being light weight, the sort of engine you could rebuild on your kitchen table 😉

Francis Barnett Barn Find Restoration
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Something else you don’t see on more modern bikes if the number plate mounted on the front mudguard, that was often referred to as the “belly slicer” based on the type of injury it could inflict if involved in accident. This is one of the reasons why motorcycles are no longer required to have a front number plate!

Francis Barnett Plover Barn Find
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History of Francis Barnett and this barn find

Francis Barnett have existed since 1919 making motorcycles and motor-tricycles based in Coventry United Kingdom. The brand have produced a wide variety of bikes using two and four stroke engines from manufacturers like Villiers and JAP. The motorcycle brand existed until 1967, yet another British manufacturer feeling the pressure of competition in the global marketplace. For more information about Francis Barnett check out the excellent wikipedia page which also provides lots of links to useful resources.

Restoration and keeping your barn find running

If you are just starting your journey of classic motorcycle ownership and maintenance the little Francis Barnett Plover is simple and light weight. However being a motorcycle that is over 50 years old from a manufacturer that no longer exists, you’ll definitely benefit from joining an owners club and seeking advice from experts.

Francis Barnett Plover Barn Find
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You’ll also need to consider any specialist tools or purchasing some basic workshop tools if you are starting out. We recently published an article regarding workshop tools and useful items for your garage or workshop, which should also provide inspiration to keep you going if you experience any problems.

If you are lucky enough to win the auction or go ahead with another bike purchase please let us know how you are progressing by joining our social media channels or letting us know in the comments. Best of luck with your bidding and ride safe!


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