Motorcycle collectors are starting to take an interest in the Yamaha YSR 50, Honda and Suzuki ‘gag’ bikes which imitated the lines of their popular large capacity machines. I remember the SACS decal on the GSXR which translated to Suzuki Advanced Cooling System which became Suzuki Advanced Comical System on their GAG50 model.

Yamaha YSR barn find

Buying a Yamaha YSR 50 gag bike

Believe it or not their is a large cult following for these little bikes so you’re bound to find spares and advice to help you restore or customise. Like any bikes of this age rust and broken plastics will be the biggest problem, so budget to fix these issues if you are not buying a mint condition example.

YSR 50 Yamaha

If you are bit too large to ride these tiny bikes they’ll make a great fun bike for your kids to learn, and will be more collectable than the regular minimoto bikes which have flooded the second hand market.

Restoring your Yamaha YSR 50

If you are looking to attempt the restoration of your YSR 50 you may also interested in restocking your garage with appropriate tools and sundries. Have a look at our recent workshop tools article to provide your with some ideas and inspiration.


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