Some motorcyclists have never heard of Bridgestone being a motorcycle manufacturer, however they made some great motorcycles during the 1960s and 1970s that could rival the more commonly known two stroke machines produced by Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki.

The Bridgestone 350 GTR was a sales never a big sales success due to the relatively unknown brand within the western markets and the popularity of the larger capacity four stroke machines produced by Harley Davidson, Triumph, Norton and many others.

Bridgestone GTR 350 barn find
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Only 9000 GTR 350s were produced by Bridgestone which makes these bikes very collectable in the classic bike scene, and a great alternative to other 1960s and 1970s two stroke machines produced by other Japanese manufacturers.

This great original GTR 350 for sale

This example was recently imported from the USA and last ridden in 1980, which makes it a genuine barn find motorcycle. The bike only shows 10,494 miles and still wears the 1980 registration sticker on the USA license plate. The engine currently doesn’t turn over and would require a complete restoration and thorough inspection, however this looks to be a great basis for a fully restored motorcycle.

Restoring your Bridgestone GTR 350

The great thing about two stroke motorcycles is the simplicity of the engine when compared to four stroke machines. If you don’t fancy taking on a top-end rebuild it is straight forward to remove the cylinders and pistons for restoration by an expert. Alternative you remove the entire engine for a complete rebuild with relatively few tools.

If you are starting out as a new restorer you may want to consider purchasing some useful tools for your garage or workshop. We’ve provided an article describing some useful tools that could help get you started and provide a good footing for all your future barn find projects.

If you decide to purchase this project keep us updated via our Facebook Group, we’d love to see how you are progressing and hopefully provide some useful feedback within the group.


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