I’ve been looking forward to riding the Aprilia Futura around this Scotish highlands in late August. The major service work has been on the bike, with just a few niggles to address. The vacuum hoses are starting to look very old and brittle, so time to review and replace some of the hoses.

Aprilia Futura vacuum hoses

Some of the hoses are very difficult to reach, so a few panels may have to come off. A bit more work and hopefully a test running tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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Alan · August 27, 2019 at 10:13 am

Unfortunately the Aprilia suffered a rectifier failure on the way to Scotland, which overloaded the battery. Fortunately the battery remained sealed and I’m now in the process of repairs to the bike. The futura is well known for cooking rectifiers and mine had been well behaved recently. Sometimes these things just happen. I’ll be replacing the standard rectifier with a MOSFET unit from a Yamaha which runs cooler and reported to be more reliable. Hopefully my dashboard and ECU hasn’t been cooked, check-in again for updates to barnfindmotorcycle.com

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