I recently noticed my Aprilia Futura pannier seals had started to decay and break down, which allows water enter when closed. If you are lucky you may be able to obtain original seals from a Aprilia stockist, however most state the parts are no longer available or too expensive (considering they are strips of rubber).

Aprilia Futura RST 1000 Pannier Seals 1

Surely a cheaper alternative is available? The seal needs to be flexible and durable enough to create a consistent seal without splitting or distorting. After conducting some research I decided to use self-adhesive rubber door and window seals.

I have test fitted the new seal to one of my panniers and I’m happy with the result. I can clearly here the pannier being airtight sealed when closed, and the seal remains enacted when the pannier is opened. Only time will tell if these remain durable, however at £2.50 per 10 meter roll this is a much more affordable option.

Aprilia Futura RST 1000 Pannier Seals 2

Please let me know in comments if my cheap solution works for you!


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