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Price: 3,500.00 GBP

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I purchased  this from new in 1990, so 33 this year. Has a history which I will gladly bore you with. Has had both a cosseted and hard life, but never raced , apart from down the high street. If I have to tell you what a powerband is then your too young. Showing 50,000+ miles on the original crank but had a first oversize fitted. Over the years I have acquired a vast array of genuine spares bought for the “you’ll need them one day”.More than welcome to view by arrangement ( Portsmouth), Contact me on 07754740069. Purist will note its not the original tank though original is here(needs painting). The hand blisters also but both split, (was gonna send them to Plastech). Selling as a job let, that includes all the spares which I can list if needed plus a few specials, such as the Carbon Swarbrick cans I purchased to put on a set of original pipes ,( but never got round to it). Both fairing halves are bubble wrapped her but I can put them on the bike if required for pick up.. 
Bad points. The frame spar across the back of the engine started to crack from I guess vibration so I sent it to a well known fabricator used by Performance Bikes. When it came back the rear mount was toed in slightly so engine didn’t fit, fact. Could have filed the face off to squeeze it in but had a friend who said leave it with me. Sure got the engine in but I was never happy, SO I have another frame which you will have . Current frame and engine numbers match but, I’ll leave that to you.
I have a video of it running about  two years ago, powervalve whirring away and smoke galore, Silkolene eh. Logbook, Original Owners manual and two keys. No doubt I’ll find more as I trawl through my garage .V5 @s in my name.