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Price: 1,650.00 GBP

motorcycle yamaha eBay
1988 ty250 with 2001 xt225 engine. Built in 2001
 Has Talon front brake,Doma exhaust,Mikuna carb 2 seats, electric start. No lights
Bought this about 3 yrs ago . Had been stood for some time and tank had rotted. Had tank professionally restored and lined. Still in primer. Cleaned carbs , new battery, oil and air filter and started straight off. Speedo reads 342 and engine looks/sounds new and I believe this is accurate from paperwork 
Not touched frame/ forks apart from cleaning so some surface rust on swing arm spokes and marks on fork bottoms but everything works fine.
Registered but not been used on road for years. Have V5 .
Unique bike Any questions message me . Viewing welcome