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Price: 2,750.00 GBP

Greeves Pathfinder late 1971, 175cc Puch, 1740 miles from new, one ownereBay
 Greeves Pathfinder late 1971, 175cc Puch engine. This was my late father’s pride and joy motorcycle that he used for Green Lane riding with the TRF in the 1970’s. It was first registered on 01/10/1971. The frame number is 62 A 221. He bought it as an ex-demonstration and the log book says he was the only recorded owner. It has 1740 miles. I have a red V5C logbook issued in 2014 in my father’s name. 
 This has always been stored in a dry garage its whole life. Our Dad was a Mechanical Engineer and had grown up tuning Bantams and Ariels in the late 1950’s. He had also suffered all the terrible break downs of that era from poor electrics and used all of this knowledge to tune the engine for better low end torque and make sure the electrics could withstand both a rainstorm and a stream fording.
  I have found all the original parts he swapped out such as the seat, the rear brake lever and the tool kit frame. He used this for Green Lane riding and so the front and rear sprockets are sized to suit that riding. I have found a range of originals that can drop the gearing down also. 
  The bike was last taxed and used in 1980 but he prepared the bike for long term storage and kept the barrel lightly lubed and kicked over at regular intervals. The tank is in very good condition internally and externally. In fact I washed out the tank and added new fuel and made sure the barrel was well oiled and cleaned the plug. The bike started surprisingly easily and runs quite nicely. 
  I have a list of parts and receipts from 1978 when he must have completely stripped down the engine and gearbox and replaced most of the bearings, seals and gaskets. The Bing carburettor also had all moving parts replaced. He stopped using it in 1980 when he bought a new XR200 but he always cherished the Pathfinder.

   The frame is straight and all the parts except the seat and rear brake lever are original (as mentioned I have the originals also). The engine starts and runs and even on the 25:1 mix it isn’t that smokey. The exhaust pipe is in very good condition and only signs of light rust. I have only ran it for 5 minutes and not ridden it down the road. The brakes will need a good service and I am sure that applies to the forks. My Dad always said that the Pathfinder could sniff a puddle at 200 yards which was his way of saying the brakes were not that good once they were wet. 

  Here is an original late version of the Greeves Pathfinder that you could use in a classic event. The Puch engine was the one my Dad specifically sought out and with the 6 speed gearbox you need to be deft at keeping it on the pipe to get the best out of it, The seat my Mum made gives another 2″ of travel to your bum which is a big deal when there’s only 4″ on the swinging arm. If you wanted a piece of history this is certainly one to consider. If you want something that has been cared for by an Engineer that loved motorcycles his whole life this is a good choice. 

  I will try to answer any questions if I can. The bike is almost 51 years old and I was the little boy that admired it and not the one that rode it. Collection from TW18